Old Belts for Survival

Are your belts becoming worn? Has your waste changed in size? Here are survival tips and reasons to keep those old belts; you will be glad you did, especially genuine leather ones.

The obvious reason is because you will lose weight! The most effective way to keep your loose pants on, is to wear a belt.

Droopy pants are not conducive to running, never mind walking. In a long-term survival situation, you will work harder to just to eat. The countless chores that will be required of you, just to survive, will make you rapidly shed pounds. And let us not forget that safety is of the utmost importance when medicine may be scarce. To keep yourself and your team safer, you need to keep those pants up!

An Old Leather Belt is a Golden Asset!

Who doesn’t know that a knife is an essential tool? And to keep your trusted knife sharp and in good condition, you need to strop it. By saving your old leather belt, you have an instant strop, just like the Ole Barbers that stopped their razors. Although it may sound contrary, razor sharp knives are safer.

A sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. A dull knife can slip off food and cut the user. The excessive force needed to make a dull knife cut causes the user to lose control, i.e. the knife can ‘break out’ of the material being cut and cause injury.
I love knives! They are handy indoors and out; instrumental for food preparation, making and fixing things, to personal protection. To preserve the quality and functionality of your ‘wonder tool’, keep them sharp! By rubbing some stropping compound onto the rough side of your leather belt, Rouge Buffing Compound or Green Compound¬† you will be able to align the micro burrs on a knifes’ cutting edge. Polishing with compounds aligns the micro metal fibers (burrs) better than using bare leather. Gluing a leather belt onto a piece of wood will help to sharpen your blade better than using a slack belt. A slack belt can conform to the edges of a blade thereby dulling it rather than sharping it. By keeping the strop from flexing you can use appropriate pressure¬† as you glide the blade and align the metal fibers.
Conceal Valuables
With just a little few simple alterations, you can sew or glue small secret pockets to the inside of your belt and carry valuables in plain sight.

Or turn the belt into an openly tactical one by adding this waist waist pouch for hands free mobility.

Dog Leash and Collar

Make Work Easier!
Further reasons to save your old belts:
  • Make alternative pulleys
  • Bundle wood or other items you need to carry
  • Instant strap that can secure a broken backpack or turn your bag into a ‘cross-body’ for easier carrying.

Fashion will be the first thing to go in an emergency and an old belt will substitute easily for carrying or pulling countless items.

Please comment if you have survival tips for using an old belt.

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