How to Increase your Garlic Production for Free!

Hard Neck Garlic  that is left to mature, form umbels. Depending on the type of garlic, an umbel can contain anywhere between 40 and 200 bulbils. 

3 Benefits of starting your garlic from bulbils:

  1. Bulbils, being air-borne, are free of soil-borne diseases such as white mold.
  2. The cultivar will gradually acclimatize to your growing conditions.
  3. It is an economical way to increase your garlic stock.

Hard Neck Garlic plants produce a shoot of growth that starts off tender and curly. It is the flower stalk.  Before flowering we call the stalk; scapes.  Scapes that are snipped off during the tender stage are the latest rave at farmer’s markets. Where farmers used to compost their scapes, they know earn just about as much from the scapes as from the garlic. Use the curly scapes as a mild garlicky fresh green that is perfect in stir-fries. Make garlic scape pesto and freeze it in ice cube trays. Once frozen, pop  them out into a freezer bags for future use.  You can also dehydrate and powder them in a grinder to make garlic scape powder. Rapidly increase your garlic production; planting stock If the scapes are not cut, they eventually straighten out and become woody. The resulting umbel will house anywhere between 40 – 200 bulbils. Porcelain varieties can grow a flower stalk that  measures 6 feet from ground to tip! Starting garlic by planting the bulblets takes a few years to achieve moderate sized bulbs. After planting them the first year a single rounded bulb results. This is the bulb that will produce the type of hardneck garlic bulb we are familiar with, albeit smaller. The bulb size will increase the following year. Comparing bulb vs bulbil propagation (Porcelain Variety) Cloves per Porcelain bulb = 4-5 Bulbils per umbel = ~200

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Bulb 5 cloves 5 25 125
Bulbils 200 200 800
Rounds Small Cloves Larger Cloves

Using your own bulbils can increase garlic production by 540% without spending a penny!

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