Everyday Carry Essentials – Purses

What woman doesn’t appreciate the conveniences of having stuff while away from home?

This article is not about bug-out-bags AKA survival/emergency bags or ‘get home bags’. Those bags/rucksacks are much more stacked! But for the everyday purse, it is wise to keep a few items that will really be handy if you find yourself a little ways from your ‘main stuff’.

Everyday carry essentials includes having a pocket knife. It is number one in my books. Not because I like to carve, but because they are so practical! Need scissors? Use a knife! A few years ago, I went to an event where they put my purse through an x-ray machine, at that time I had my Swiss Army Knife in my purse. Yes, they saw it and yes, they held onto it, until I claimed it at the end of the event; no worries.

Number two on my list is a flashlight. When the power goes out, you will love having a flashlight in a public washroom or stairwell. Getting home late and need a light? It is all too practical.

Number three is definitely my bandana. Bandanas that are made in the USA are thicker and better than those made in China; unbelievably they are the same price where I shop. Bandana’s have hundreds of uses! If you are considering the best choice of colour for your Bandana,¬† I like to blend in, so navy, and green are my first choices. I do keep some red ones, and they will have there uses too.

For a more robust ‘ get-home bag’ check out my Get Home Bag and Have a Plan article.

The multi-tool I carry in my purse is a hollowed-out anodized aluminum with milling machine treated handles multi tool with  flat nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, knife, Phillips screwdriver, small knife, file with nail cleaner, bottle opener with flat screwdriver, flat screwdriver, small screwdriver, serrated blade. Pretty good quality for a good price.

Other wise things to carry in your purse: Safety pins, mini first-aid/sewing kit, lighter and old receipts to help you start a fire in extreme situations. Hygiene products like toothbrush and toothpaste, cream and combs are great additions to this list.

Wearing a belt that you fitted with a secret pocket to carry small items gives you another means to carry essentials that can be kept out of sight. See my article on saving belts for survival HERE.

To see the current survival/safety items in my purse, watch this video.

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