Prepper Girls Stock Up on Underwear

Okay girls, sooner or later when shtf (Shit Hits the Fan) and we find ourselves living for an extended period of time without electricity (some pun intended), we will run out of feminine hygiene products. Sure you can stock up on them now. Some preppers stock up on toilet paper, (I am not one of them), but let’s face it; the day will come when we will run out.

I did some searching on how pioneer women handled this monthly occurrence. There is not a lot of information, probably because they didn’t talk about it much. Therefore, it was written about much.

I did some searching on how Native American women handled their Moon Cycle. Some tribes had menstruation huts. This is where the women would go during their Moon Cycle. I remember a story I heard from a teacher in grade school about these women squatting over a hole in the ground. Since women who live in close quarters naturally begin to menstruate around the same time,  these huts almost always had several women in it at a time. What a social event! What a completely foreign way of life to a modern western girl. What a great way to replenish the earth! Imagine, after all those bloody holes were refilled with soil, wouldn’t this be the ultimate blood-meal fertilizer? Setting up a new ‘hut’ on virgin soil completes the cycle.

After digging around and hearing about a couple of my friends going to visit places like Kampala Uganda and the Philippines, I mustered enough courage to ask the awkward question of “How do women cope with feminine hygiene in third world countries?”

Some girls in Uganda for instance have pads, and say they are ‘sick’ when they have their periods, and stay home from school. Those in the villages use rags and sometimes leaves if they don’t have the money. Leaves? I’m not sure if they have a favourite, but if it was me here in the West, I would use the leaf of the Mullein Plant! Mullein plants grow abundantly and they have a soft fuzzy texture, not silky. Another advantage of using Mullein Leaf, is that it is not poisonous.

In the Philippines, more of a developing country, you can find whole aisles of sanitary pads in supermarkets. But they too will eventually run out after a disaster. The older folks remember using rags. Wash and rinse; the reusable alternative!

Then I learned about the menstruating cup. Never even knew it existed!  Well, it sounded like a great addition to any female preppers wish list. With wonderful headlines saying it will last a decade, I found myself wondering how it worked. The claims that it is comfortable was hard for me to accept. How can a cup in ones underwear be comfortable? Alas, I further learned that it was inserted, like a tampon. Rather than absorbing like cotton, it collects like in a cup and is sized like a diaphragm. But wait, before you run out and try this Diva Cup, you need to read this hilarious Huff Post article on the Diva Cup written by Alex Logan!

Further back in history, perhaps a couple hundred years ago, I read that poor ladies didn’t use anything at all! Yes, apparently that is what long triple-lined dresses were for. “Say it wasn’t so!” And if this is so, then they were too poor to buy underwear.

Originally I was going to name this article ‘Why Women Need to Know Menstruation Practices in Third World Countries’ But dear prepper girls; you need to stock plenty of underwear! Because without them, you might need to dig a hole or buy a long dress!

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